Research results of solid-state wave gyroscope with metallic resonator

  • Bondarenko T. G.
  • Zeniv I. О.
  • Nizhnyk R. S.


In proposed article we present the results of an experimental research of solid-state wave gyroscope with a metal resonator. The developed block diagram of the equipment is described, which includes a low noise buffer amplifier of the capacitive sensor, a band-pass filters, a microcontroller for the formation of control signals of the equipment, a high-voltage drive pulse amplifier and a high-frequency pulse power supply. The oscillograms of the measured gyro sensor signals are shown during the rotation of the resonator and in its stationary state. The principle of formation of high-voltage excitation pulses resonator described. The phase and amplitude of signals carry information about the gyroscope angular rate and about the direction of rotation. The results prove the propriety of calculations to optimize the parameters of electronic circuits and that the proposed principle of signal processing can be used to build solid-state gyroscopes with metal resonators.

Keywords: solid state wave gyroscope, metallic resonator, rotation of resonator, oscillograms of the gyro sensor.