The implementation of structural-parametric synthesis of dynamic monitoring system in crisis situations

  • Komarova, L.
  • Fedorova, N.


The article defines the criteria requirements for the implementation of structural-parametric synthesis of the dynamic monitoring system and the formalization of the problem of structural-parametric synthesis is conducted using a mathematical description: of a conflict situation; system of information processing for each of its separate elements (AWS) as a technical system without considering the impact on its properties; the information sources distributed in space; a description of the requirements for the implementation of the synthesis and evaluation of the system effectiveness. The system of equations is determined, which are the criterias of the system synthesis and can be used as indicators of efficiency of its functioning, and overall assessment and the condition measure the reflection in the system of crisis situations to resolve it.

Keywords: monitoring; criteria; information sources; crisis situation; structural-parametric synthesis; situational center.